DJI Air 2S

Dji Air 2S Video Reviews On Youtube

DJI Air 2S video reviews on YouTube

This morning, DJI launched the new DJI Air 2S drone. Since there are no more actual in-person DJI launch events, online marketing, including well-timed leaks, has become very important to the drone maker. YouTube plays a big part in this…

Dji Air 2S Promo Video Appears Ahead Of Launch

DJI Air 2S promo video appears ahead of launch

The upcoming release of the DJI Air 2S has to be the worst product launch we have seen from DJI (or is it?). Almost all product launches are accompanied by leaked photos and rumors, but with the introduction of the…

Dji Air 2S First Unboxing Videos Hit Youtube

DJI Air 2S unboxing videos hit YouTube

The news doesn’t stop when it comes to the new DJI Air 2S drone that will be released on April 15th. Today we get to see the first unboxing videos of the new DJI drone on YouTube.

Dji Air 2S Fly More Combo $1299 In Bestbuy Store!

DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo $1299 in BestBuy store!

BestBuy is at it again! The yet-to-be-released DJI Air 2S shows up in a BestBuy store in the form of a DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo priced at $1,299. The discovery was made by one of the Pilot Institute…