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DJI Fly app doesn’t work with Google Pixel 6 phones drone pilots complain

Dji Fly App Doesn'T Work With Google Pixel 6 Phones Drone Pilots Complain

The DJI Fly app is incompatible with the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones. Drone pilots of the Mavic Mini, Mavic Air 2, Mini 2, DJI FPV, Air 2S, and DJI Mavic 3 have experienced this. Instead of the camera picture, the app displays a blank screen on the smartphone. The issue is if DJI will find a solution quickly. The problems are also present in DJI’s other Android applications...

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DJI FPV drone skims over Iceland’s lava flow

Dji Fpv Drone Skims Over Iceland'S Lava Flow

Icelandic photographer and drone pilot Bjorn Steinbekk captured a particularly impressive natural phenomenon with his brand new DJI FPV drone. In the southwest of Iceland, it just flew over a lava flow from the recently erupted volcano Fagradalsfjall. In the end it even flies close to the fire-breathing crater. “I really thought I would never see my drone again, but man, it was so exciting to...

DJI FPV drone teardown and overview

Dji Fpv Drone Teardown And Overview

In this video, we see a DJI FPV drone teardown. How easy is it to take this fpv drone apart and possibly fix or swap out any damaged parts? Being able to repair your fpv drone is an important part of fpv drone flying as crashes are common and the frame and gimbal are fragile. Let’s take a look.

Best DJI FPV drone reviews on Youtube

Best Dji Fpv Drone Reviews On Youtube

Here are the best DJI FPV drone reviews on Youtube. We watched them all so that you don’t have to! After having watched these Youtube videos you will have a very good understanding of what makes this fpv drone so special and a true hybrid flying machine. We are curious to hear your thoughts on the DJI FPV drone and be sure to let us know in the comments below if you already ordered yours.

DJI FPV – First impressions flying the versatile quadcopter

Dji Fpv Drone - My First Impressions Flying This Versatile Quadcopter

Over the last few weeks, the weather and cold temperatures did not cooperate much here in New York, but I managed to get out many times and fly the DJI FPV drone. And, let me tell you, I have not been this excited about a DJI product… ever. If I’m honest. Let me share with you my first impressions of flying this bad boy that was officially announced this morning.

DJI officially announces the DJI FPV drone

The Dji Fpv Combo Was Originally Launched At A Retail Price Of $1,299. Dji Fpv Drone Official Launch And Announcement 0103

After weeks of leaks that included videos, photos, specs, and other information, we finally arrive at the official launch of the DJI FPV drone, which the drone maker promises, offers a reinvented first-person-view drone flying experience. I have had the chance to fly the DJI FPV drone over the last few weeks and I’ll have to agree that the fpv quadcopter flies like no other DJI drone I...