DJI Matrice 30

Folded Dji Matrice 30 Or M3 During The Launch Event In Elizabeth New Jersey - New Firmware Update

The Latest Scoop on DJI Matrice 30 Firmware Update

The world of drones never stops evolving; the latest update from tech giant DJI is a testament to that. The DJI Matrice 30 Series just got a new firmware update, and here’s everything you need to know. Key Updates on…

Moline Police Boost Safety With Drone Use At

Moline Police Boost Safety with Drone Use at Mo.Live

In light of a recent change in state law, Moline Police are set to employ Drone Technology for increased safety at the upcoming Mo.Live event. The new legislation, Public Act 103-0101, signed by Gov. JB Pritzker on June 16, 2023,…

Dji Drones Soar Into Grand Rapids Police Strategy - Senators Ignite Crackdown On Chinese Drone Use By Faa

DJI Drones Soar into Grand Rapids Police Strategy

Grand Rapids, Michigan is gearing up to introduce Police drones this September. On Tuesday morning, August 22, the City Commission’s fiscal committee unanimously gave the nod for an approximately $100,000 purchase, accounting for eight DJI drones for law enforcement purposes.…

There'S A Stir In The Drone Community As Curious Images And Videos Keep Emerging. Who Is The Mastermind Behind These Leaks? Igor Bogdanov, Popularly Known As @Quadro_News. He'S Been Giving Us Glimpses Of An Enigmatic Dji Drone. What'S Most Intriguing? This Drone Doesn'T Seem To Have Any Foldable Parts!

Mysterious New DJI Drone: What’s the Buzz?

There’s a stir in the drone community as curious images and videos keep emerging. Who is the mastermind behind these leaks? Igor Bogdanov, popularly known as @Quadro_News. He’s been giving us glimpses of an enigmatic DJI drone. What’s most intriguing?…

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