EHang performs the first long-range drone taxi test flights

Ehang Performs The First Long-Range Drone Taxi Test Flights

EHang, a Chinese firm, has successfully completed a series of long-distance test flights in restricted airspace with both a two-person EHang 216 drone taxi and a Falcon freight drone. The flights were conducted in Estonia as part of a European initiative looking into new types of air travel. It was the first time a taxi drone flew in Estonian airspace using BVLOS.

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EHang hints at new air taxi with 240-mile range

Ehang Hints At New Air Taxi With 240-Mile Range 1

The Chinese developer of advanced aerial vehicles (AAVs) EHang has hinted via Twitter about the arrival of a new model air taxi with a much longer flight range than the current two-seater EH216. The new eVTOL is rumored to have a range of no less than 240 miles. Recently, a schematic of what could be the new eVTOL appeared on Chinese social media.

Shares drone taxi maker EHang crash after Wolfpack report

Shares Drone Taxi Maker Ehang Crash After Wolfpack Report

Chinese drone taxi manufacturer EHang’s stock plummeted yesterday after US investment analyst Wolfpack Research released a damning report on the company. In a few hours, EHang lost more than 60% of its share price. According to the analyst, EHang has painted a far too rosy picture of the company and its technology. EHang has denied the charges.

EHang offers tourist sightseeing flights by drone in China

Ehang Offers Tourist Sightseeing Flights By Drone In China

Want to make a sightseeing flight by passenger drone? Nowadays it is possible in the Chinese city of Henqin. Last week, 36 tourists made a scenic flight in the EHang 216 AAV, an electrically powered multirotor drone with room for two people. EHang wants to start offering scenic flights in more Chinese cities in the near future. EHang is also becoming active closer to home: the company received...

EHang demonstrates synchronous flying air taxis

Ehang Demonstrates Synchronous Flying Air Taxis

The Chinese developer of heavy lift drones EHang has put a new video online showing how five electrically powered air taxis perform a flight in a nicely synchronized manner. With the demonstration, the company wants to show the benefits of centralized flight coordination. In its home country of China, the company wants to fly with air taxis to thirteen cities.

EHang presents cargo drone with a payload of 440 Lbs

Ehang Presents Cargo Drone With A Payload Of 440 Lbs

Chinese company EHang – known for its electric air taxis – has announced a freight version of the EHang 216 autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV). The EHang 216L heavy-lift multirotor cargo drone is capable of transporting loads of up to 200 kg. The system should enable short and medium-haul air freight transport in both rural and urban environments.

EHang obtains approval from Chinese authorities to test passenger drone

Ehang Obtains Approval From Chinese Authorities To Test Passenger Drone

EHang announced that the company has received approval from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to test its passenger drone, the EHang 216. The company says that it “became the world’s first AAV company approved by a national aviation authority to carry out commercial pilot operation for the category of 330-pound-plus heavy-lift air logistics uses,” in China.