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Wiebe de Jager (@wdejager) is the founder of Dronewatch and author of several bestselling books about drone photography. Wiebe is a certified drone pilot and has a full ROC license.

Skeyetech surveillance drone can be used in Germany over Private property

Skeyetech Surveillance Drone Can Be Used In Germany Above Its Own Terrain

The Skeyetech drone box system from the French company Azur Drones may be used in Germany to make automated flights out of the pilot’s view (BVLOS) over private territory. To this end, the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) has issued an operational authorization. According to Azur Drones, this is a prelude to many applications in Germany. Operational authorization The heart of the Skeyetech system...

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Robot drone performs aerial and underwater inspections

Robot Drone Performs Aerial And Underwater Inspections

Drones and underwater robots (ROVs) are increasingly being used to inspect wind farms at sea, for example. Drones are perfect for checking the mast and blades for irregularities, while the foundation can be inspected with ROVs. The Japanese robot drone developer ProDrone has now developed a drone that can perform both aerial and underwater inspections. Sea-Air Integrated Robot Drone The Sea-Air...

UAE bans flying hobby drones after rebel drone attack

Uae Bans Flying Hobby Drones After Rebel Drone Attack

The United Arab Emirates has banned flying hobby drones following a recent drone attack near the capital Abu Dhabi. The Ministry of the Interior has announced this. The terrorist attack killed three people and blew up several oil tanks. hobby drones Banned after rebel attack The attack, which used drones equipped with explosives and missiles, took place Monday last week. The international Airport...

50 EHang drone taxis ordered by Japanese tour operator

50 Ehang Drone Taxis Ordered By Japanese Tour Operator

Japanese tour operator AirX has placed an order with Chinese manufacturer EHang for the delivery of 50 two-person EH216 drone taxis. The intention is that the electric flying taxis will be used for the first time during the 2025 World Expo in Osaka. AirX still uses helicopters to transport passengers on demand. 50 EHang drone taxis for tourist sightseeing flights AirX offers more than 100 tourist...

Customs Drone Team to fight drug smuggling in Netherlands

Customs Drone Team To Fight Drug Smuggling In Netherlands

A special Customs Drone Team has been set up in the Netherlands to fight drug smuggling and other crimes in the port of Rotterdam. Dutch customs are increasingly using drones to monitor port areas and coastal regions. This not only concerns surveillance to combat drug smuggling but also assistance with arrests. Currently, drones are mainly used in the port area of ​​Rotterdam, but in the future...

longest drone flight preparations going according to plan

Longest Drone Flight Preperations Going According To Plan

Preparations for the longest drone flight in Europe, announced last year, are going according to plan. This is reported by engineering firm Antea Group. The aim is to fly a drone from Oranjewoud in the Netherlands over a length of 750 kilometers (470 miles) to the Danish capital, Copenhagen. The longest drone flight is scheduled to take place this year. The first permit application has now been...

FPV-STYLE ANIMATION brings Van Gogh painting to life

Van Gogh Painting Comes To Life In Fpv-Style Animation

The FPV fly-through phenomenon is starting to take on a life of its own. For example, graphic artist and iArt founder Alejandro Vigilante (@VigilanteArtist) recently posted an fpv-style animation on Twitter in which a Van Gogh painting seems to come to life. The style of the virtual camera movement is remarkable: you could swear you’re watching an FPV fly-through Drone Video. Interactive...

Drone over nuclear power plant investigated by Swedish police

Swedish Police Investigate Drone Over Nuclear Power Plant

Swedish Police launched a search last weekend for a large-sized drone that was spotted over the largest nuclear power plant in the country. The unmanned aerial vehicle was sighted from a Police helicopter but disappeared from view after some time. There were also reports of drones over other nuclear power plants last week. The incident has been linked to increased tensions between Russia and NATO...

Dronestagram acquired by French drone stock image provider

Dronestagram Acquired By French Drone Stock Image Provider 14

Drone photography platform from the very beginning Dronestagram has been acquired by the French drone stock image provider HOsiHO. Dronestagram founder Eric Dupin reports this in an email to the users of the platform. The takeover will give new life to the already moribund photo platform, which was founded in 2013. Online Community for Drone Photography Dronestagram was the world’s first...