Sensefly Ebee X: First Drone With A C2 Label

senseFly eBee X: first drone with a C2 label

A week after DJI announced that the Mavic 3 would be the first drone to receive the C1 label, senseFly came out with the news that drones from their eBee X series may be the first to carry the C2…

Wingtraone, Altax, Spirit, And Ebee Tac Drones Added To Blue Suas 2.0

WingtraOne, AltaX, Spirit, and eBee Tac drones added to Blue sUAS 2.0

The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) of the Pentagon has revised its Blue sUAS list of drones that fulfill requirements for use by US military and government agencies. Added to the Blue sUAS 2.0 list As part of the Blue sUAS 2.0 initiative, the following authorized drones have been added to the DIU “Blue UAS Cleared List”: WingtraOne, by Wingtra Spirit, by…

New Website Helps To Find Stolen Drones

New website helps to find stolen drones

In addition to a fly-away or crash, there is another very annoying way to lose your drone, namely theft. Unfortunately, in practice, it turns out to be virtually impossible to get stolen drones back, since manufacturers offer few tools in…

New Ebee Geo Drone From Sensefly Priced At $10K

New eBee Geo drone from senseFly priced at $10k

Parrot Group subsidiary senseFly launched a new drone called the eBee Geo. This latest fixed-wing drone in the X line of professional surveying and mapping aircraft is priced at $10k USD.