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Sony Airpeak S1 drone will be available at the end of December

Sony Airpeak S1 Drone Will Be Available For Purchase At The End Of December

Sony announced the Airpeak S1 last summer, a high-end drone for film production. It is the smallest drone capable of carrying a full-frame Alpha camera like the a7S Series and has sophisticated obstacle recognition, according to Sony. The first copies will be distributed on December 24th. Gremsy, a camera gimbal maker, will release the ‘T3 for Airpeak’ at the same time.

Sony Airpeak S1, a $9k drone for full-frame Sony Alpha cameras

Sony Airpeak S1 Drone

Today, Sony officially announces the Sony Airpeak S1. This $9k drone can be used with the Sony Alpha full-frame line of cameras and a range of interchangeable lenses. With the Airpeak S1, Sony is making its official entry into the drone market that is dominated by DJI and the Airpeak S1 competes head-on with DJI’s Inspire 2 and Matrice drones.

Sony shows footage made with Airpeak drone and Alpha 7S III

Sony Shows Footage Made With Airpeak Drone And Alpha 7S Iii

Electronics manufacturer Sony is working hard on the release of the new Airpeak drone, which is aimed at professional filmmakers and aerial photographers. In a new demo, Sony shows a number of images taken with the new drone, in combination with an Alpha 7S III full-frame camera. For the occasion, it was fitted with the recently presented FE 14mm f / 1.8 GM lens.

Sony introduces the Airpeak drone during CES 2021

Sony Introduces The Airpeak Drone During Ces 2021

Yesterday, Sony introduced the Airpeak drone during the online-only CES 2021 event. By the looks of it, the Airpeak is a large commercial drone capable of carrying the Sony A7 line of cameras aimed at the professional aerial photographer and filmmaker. See photos and videos below for more details about this exciting and undoubtedly expensive drone from Sony.