Drone Incident

Uae Bans Flying Hobby Drones After Rebel Drone Attack

UAE bans flying hobby drones after rebel drone attack

The United Arab Emirates has banned flying hobby drones following a recent drone attack near the capital Abu Dhabi. The Ministry of the Interior has announced this. The terrorist attack killed three people and blew up several oil tanks. hobby…

Faa Investigates Illegal Drone Flight At Bengals Playoff Game

FAA investigates illegal drone flight at Bengals Playoff game

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed that it is investigating the illegal drone flight during the Cincinnati Bengals playoff game against the Las Vegas Raiders last Saturday. Flying drones in and around NFL stadiums that seat 30,000 people or more…

Illegal Drone Footage Of The Cincinnati Bengals Game 5

Illegal drone footage of the Cincinnati Bengals game

Every so often, we come across illegal drone footage. Today we received an email from one of our readers (thanks Vic!) pointing us to this Drone Video of the Cincinnati Bengals game last weekend. Last Saturday, the Cincinnati Bengals played…

Swedish Police Investigate Drone Over Nuclear Power Plant

Drone over nuclear power plant investigated by Swedish police

Swedish Police launched a search last weekend for a large-sized drone that was spotted over the largest nuclear power plant in the country. The unmanned aerial vehicle was sighted from a police helicopter but disappeared from view after some time.…

Wing Delivery Drone Attacked By A Raven In Midair

Wing delivery drone attacked by a raven in midair

A raven attacks a Wing delivery drone, causing it to halt certain deliveries in Australia. Drone deliveries in a section of Canberra, Australia, have been halted due to frequent bird assaults. Google’s sister company, Wing, the service provider, said that…

Dixie Fire Drone Incident Under Fbi And Faa Investigation

Dixie Fire drone incident under FBI and FAA investigation

The Dixie Fire Drone Incident is under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the FBI. The drone flight had interfered with Cal Fire aircraft fire fighting operations during the first hours of the Dixie Fire.