Drone Incident

Girl Chased By Drone

Girl chased by drone while on her way home at night

Last weekend, a girl was chased while on her way home at night. the Drone Incident took place in the municipality of Midden-Drenthe, in The Netherlands. The Police reported the news on Facebook. The drone flew after the girl for…

Up To One Year In Prison For Drone Pilot Who Crashed Uav Into Lapd Chopper- Fbi Arrests Drone Pilot After Crashing Uas Into Lapd Helicopter

FBI arrests drone pilot after crashing UAS into LAPD helicopter

This morning, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested a drone pilot from Hollywood on a federal charge alleging that he recklessly operated an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) that crashed into and damaged a helicopter from the Los Angeles Police…

Pescadero Man Arrested After Shooting At A Drone

Shooting at a drone got a Pescadero man arrested

According to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, a Pescadero man was arrested on Sunday following an altercation during which he fired his shotgun at a drone that he believed flew illegally over his property. Under federal law shooting at…