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Draxxon develops first 100% electric drone command center

Draxxon'S New Dx-816 Drone Command Center Raises The Bar Again With Its First 100% Electric Drone Command Center.

To support complex drone operations, mobile drone command centers have become an integral part of the professional field. Such command centers can vary from simple delivery vans with facilities to charge batteries to fully equipped vehicles with computers, radio equipment, and generators. Draxxon’s new DX-816 drone command center raises the bar again with its first 100% electric drone...

New tech enables DJI M300 RTK to autonomously collect water samples

New Tech Enables Dji M300 Rtk Drone To Autonomously Collect Water Samples

SPH Engineering, a Latvian engineering business, has created a system that enables the entirely autonomous collecting of water samples using a drone. The concept is built around a customized DJI M300 RTK. The Latvian Center for Environment, Geology, and Meteorology recently successfully tested the system (LEGMC).

This drone, like a bird, can perch on a branch.

This Drone, Like A Bird, Can Perch On A Branch.

What is it that a bird can achieve that a drone cannot? Rest on a branch after perching on it. The Stereotyped Nature-Inspired Aerial Grasper (SNAG), an experimental landing gear that allows a quadcopter to land on a branch like a bird and then grip onto it, is about to change that. The advantage is that the drone can land in a variety of locations to save energy.

60th anniversary of Renault 4 celebrated with flying Renault AIR4 drone

60Th Anniversary Of Renault 4 Celebrated With Flying Renault Air4 Drone

The iconic Renault 4 celebrates its 60th anniversary. Renault has created a unique flying anniversary edition of the automobile to commemorate the occasion. The Renault AIR4 eVTOL is completely electric and has a cruising speed of 93 km/h. The greatest altitude of the flight is about 700 meters. Renault intends to do flying demonstrations in cities all over the globe, including New York and Miami.

Avy unveils improved Aera drone and Drone Response Network

Avy Unveils Improved Aera Drone And Drone Response Network

Avy, a Dutch drone manufacturer, has launched an enhanced version of its Aera drone, with a greater flying range and the potential to deliver up to three kilograms of medical products. Avy is also releasing the Drone Response Network, a technology that can deliver drone coverage in a given location immediately. According to Avy creator Patrique Zaman, there is a significant demand for innovative...

Student honored for research into gas-detecting mini drones

Dutch Student Honored For Research Into Gas-Detecting Mini Drones

A graduation study into indoor flying mini drones that work together to detect a gas leak has earned the Dutch student, who used to study at the Technical University in Delft (Netherlands), Bart Duisterhof the honorable mention Best Graduate of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. He came up with a solution in which the drones explore a space independently of each other. As soon as one of the...