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Sausage Attached To Drone To Lure Dog To Safety

Sausage attached to drone to successfully lure dog to safety

Millie, a Jack Russell-Whippet had resisted efforts by Police, Firefighters, and coastguard members to bring her back to safety from the mudflats that would soon be submerged by the incoming tide. As the situation became more desperate, the rescuers had…

Customs Drone Team To Fight Drug Smuggling In Netherlands

Customs Drone Team to fight drug smuggling in Netherlands

A special Customs Drone Team has been set up in the Netherlands to fight drug smuggling and other crimes in the port of Rotterdam. Dutch customs are increasingly using drones to monitor port areas and coastal regions. This not only…

Toronto Police Drone Program Is Hugely Successful

Toronto police drone program is the future officers say

Since 2016, the Toronto Police drone program used unmanned aircraft successfully to document accident scenes, monitor protests, find missing people, and more. The police department now has 24 licensed pilots and uses 16 police drones. Toronto police drone program is…