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Dogs Surrounded By Lava To Be Rescued By Drone

Dogs surrounded by lava to be rescued by drone

Last week we reported on how dogs that were surrounded by lava on the island of La Palma in Spain were supplied food ad water by drone. This week, we found out that the drone operator Aerocamaras has plans to…

Thermal Drones Helped Save 476 Fawns In Switzerland

Thermal drones helped save 476 fawns in Switzerland

For the third time this spring, large-scale drones outfitted with thermal imaging sensors were utilized to rescue fawns in, Graubünden, Switzerland. In 2021, 140 more animals were saved than in the previous year.

Pixl Drone Show #24 - Drone Sourcing For Good With Globhe

PiXL Drone Show #24 – Drone Sourcing for Good with GLOBHE

In this latest episode of our PIXL Drone Show, we talk with Isabelle Nyroth, the head of drones at GLOBHE. Join us while we discuss crowd droning, regulation challenges across the world, Drones for Good, and how to get involved. Be…