Drones for Good

Medication Delivered By Drone In The Netherlands

Medication delivered by drone in The Netherlands

The ANWB and PostNL will soon deliver medication by drone in a series of test flights between Rhoon and Oud-Beijerland in The Netherlands. The aim is to investigate how blood and medicines can be urgently transported by drone from Erasmus…

Dutch Coastguard Uses Drones To Keep Swimmers Safe

Dutch coastguard uses drones to keep swimmers safe

In The Netherlands, a pilot project under the name “Safe coastal, beach and dune tourism” is launched in the province Noord-Holland to study how drones can be used to locate rip currents and keep swimmers safe. The project is an initiative…

Using Drones To Deliver Supplies In Emergency Situations

Using drones to deliver supplies in emergency situations

The Roanoke County Fire and Rescue crews are testing the use of drones to deliver supplies in emergency situations to crews and victims. In Roanoke County, Virginia, the fire department has started testing with the use of drones to deliver…

577Th Person Rescued With Help Of A Thermal Drone

577th person rescued with help of a thermal drone

On Sunday, Franklin Firefighters rescued a kayaker from the flooded Harpeth River in Tennessee. According to drone maker DJI, the man is the 577th person who’s rescued with the help of an unmanned aircraft, a thermal drone in this case.

Experimental Drone Tracks Missing Person Via Cell Phone

SARDO experimental drone tracks missing person via cell phone

The German research institute NEC Laboratories Europe has developed a drone that is able to track missing persons based on the signal from their mobile phone. To this end, the SARDO (Search-And-Rescue DrOne) experimental drone has an AI-based system that…