Dji Releases Dji Dock 2, Matrice 3Dt, Starting At $10,000

Drone Boom: How AI-Powered Drones Are Transforming Business

The future of drones as essential business tools is here, driven by Artificial Intelligence and increasing adoption across industries. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) highlights this surge by reporting 368,883 remote pilot certifications by the end of last year. This…

All-Girl Drone Team From D.c. Soars To Victory 6

All-Girl Drone Team from D.C. Soars to Victory

Aerial Arson Wins Prestigious Award at Drone Championships WUSA9 reports that Aerial Arson, an all-girls competitive drone team from Washington D.C., has won the prestigious Flight Operations award at the Aerial Drone Championships in West Virginia. The team, consisting of…

Near-Miss Incident Raises Concerns Over Drone Safety 16

Near-Miss Incident Raises Concerns Over Drone Safety

British Airways Flight Narrowly Avoids Collision with Drone at 10,000 Feet A British Airways flight carrying around 180 passengers recently experienced a close call with a drone while approaching London Heathrow Airport. The incident, which occurred on January 3, has…

Remote Identification (Remote Id) Regulations For Drones

FAA Remote ID for Drones kicks in tomorrow!

New Era of Drone Operations: The FAA’s Remote ID Mandate A significant milestone in the integration of drones into national airspace, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Remote Identification (Remote ID) regulations for drones will come into effect tomorrow, March 16th,…

The Rise Of Drones In Modern Warfare: Ukraine'S Pioneering Tactics

Ukraine Launches Groundbreaking Drone Education Program in Schools

Revolutionizing Education: Ukraine’s Bold Move into Drone Technology In an ambitious move to integrate cutting-edge technology into its educational system, Ukraine is set to introduce a commercial drone Education program across seven vocational schools, announced Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Minister of…