Youthful Rebellion Against Dji'S Drone Dilemma 1

Youthful Rebellion Against DJI’s Drone Dilemma

In the dead of night last Sunday, the socialist youth group ROOD Rotterdam (Red Rotterdam) staged a protest outside the office of DJI Europe BV in Barendrecht, The Netherlands. Their mission? To denounce the drone deliveries from DJI to Russia,…

Naval Group Charts Path For Armed Underwater Drones 2

Naval Group Charts Path for Armed Underwater Drones

In a progressive move towards achieving maritime mastery, France’s military has entrusted Naval Group with the task of conducting a study on the design of an armed unmanned underwater drone. The contract, bestowed on May 4 by the Armed Forces…

Chinese-Made Drones: High Performance, Higher Concerns

Chinese-made Drones: High Performance, Higher Concerns

U.S. Authorities are deploying Chinese-Made drones in vast numbers, igniting Senator Marco Rubio’s ire. According to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documentation, state governments and local Police departments across the east coast of the U.S. are acquiring and operating…

Drone Flights Over Giga Berlin Banned By Tesla

Drone flights over Giga Berlin banned by Tesla

Tesla has banned drones from flying over its Giga Berlin factory in Germany, leaving drone pilots disappointed, according to a recent report. Previously, drone pilots have used the unmanned aerial vehicles to record and monitor the progress of construction work…

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