Easa Publishes Guidelines For Handling Drone Incidents At Airports

EASA publishes guidelines for handling drone incidents at airports

According to the European Aviation Safety Organization EASA, unwanted drone flights are increasingly occurring near airports, often as a result of ignorance, but possibly also on purpose. In view of the possible impact of such incidents, EASA has published guidelines…

Ehang Hints At New Air Taxi With 240-Mile Range 1

EHang hints at new air taxi with 240-mile range

The Chinese developer of advanced aerial vehicles (AAVs) EHang has hinted via Twitter about the arrival of a new model air taxi with a much longer flight range than the current two-seater EH216. The new EVTOL is rumored to have…

National Geographic: Second Season Of &Quot;Europe From Above&Quot;

National Geographic: Second season of “Europe from Above”

Lovers of beautiful drone images, beware: National Geographic will release the second series of episodes of “Europe from Above”, starting with the first episode about France. In the following episodes, the series focuses on Greece, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, and Hungary.…

Shares Drone Taxi Maker Ehang Crash After Wolfpack Report

Shares drone taxi maker EHang crash after Wolfpack report

Chinese drone taxi manufacturer EHang’s stock plummeted yesterday after US investment analyst Wolfpack Research released a damning report on the company. In a few hours, EHang lost more than 60% of its share price. According to the analyst, EHang has…

European Drone Rules. Here'S What You Need To Know.

European drone rules. Here’s what you need to know.

It’s time! Today, New Year’s Eve 2020, the new European drone rules come into effect. This has a number of consequences for almost all drone pilots in Europe. For example, you must register as a drone operator and there is…

Easa Clears The Way For Parcel Transport By Drone

EASA clears the way for parcel transport by drone

The European Aviation Safety Agency EASA has published new rules and guidelines for drones transporting goods over urban areas. Inspection flights over greater distances from, for example, high-voltage lines and pipelines are also within reach. With the new rules, EASA…

Counter-Drone System Installed At Belgrade Airport

Counter-drone system installed at Belgrade Airport

To maintain air traffic security, a counter-drone system has been installed at the Belgrade Aiport, better known as the Nikola Tesla Airport, as well as nine security scanners from Rohde & Schwarz.

Easa Organizes Two Webinars About Eu Drone Regulations

EASA organizes two webinars about EU drone regulations

The European aviation safety organization EASA is organizing two webinars on 9 and 10 December on European drone regulations, which will take effect on 31 December. This is an interesting fact, as EASA is the driving force behind the new…