Search and Rescue

The Truth About Dji’s Data Security

The Truth About DJI’s Data Security

DJI Facing Potential Ban in the United States DJI is on the verge of being banned here in the United States based on false claims and it affects everyone that uses their drones. It doesn’t matter if you fly recreationally…

The Rise Of U.s. Drones Amid Anti-China Sentiment

AI-Driven Drones: The Future of Search and Rescue?

Using drones for Search and Rescue in the rugged Scottish Highlands is becoming more efficient thanks to AI. A team from the University of Glasgow, led by Jan-Hendrik Ewers, is exploring how machine learning can enhance search strategies, reports MIT…

5G Drones Aim To Transform Mountain Rescue 13

5G Drones Aim to Transform Mountain Rescue

Revolutionizing Rescue Efforts in Scotland’s Hills Scotland’s mountainous terrain presents significant challenges for rescue operations due to patchy mobile phone signals. A new trial in Tarfside, in the Angus hills, aims to revolutionize this by testing the feasibility of pop-up…

Drone To Survey Snake River Levee In Jackson Hole 14

Drone to Survey Snake River Levee in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole residents recently witnessed a drone flight over the Snake River on Monday, May 20. This operation, conducted by Jackson Hole Fire/EMS and the Teton County Sheriff’s Office, aimed to assess the levee between Moose and Zenith, near Jackson…

A Screenshot From The Drone'S Video Footage During The May 5 Rescue Of Three Soldiers Trapped At Curry Demolition Range. Photo Courtesy Of The Fort Cavazos Fire Department.

DES Drone Team: Central Texas’s New Heroes

The Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) drone team at Fort Cavazos has emerged as modern-day heroes, rescuing soldiers trapped by floods during recent severe weather in Central Texas. Led by James Wallace, Battalion 1 Chief of the Fort Cavazos Fire…

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