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Trade judge’s findings over DJI vs Autel patent dispute to be reviewed again

Trade Judge'S Findings Over Dji Vs Autel Patent Dispute To Be Reviewed Again

According to a notice on the U.S. International Trade Commission website, the agency will review the trade judge’s findings from March over the obstacle avoidance (’174 patent), the propeller locking mechanism (’184 patent) and the battery clamp (’013 patent) dispute between DJI and Autel Robotics again. The target date for completing the investigation is August 10, 2020.

Breaking news: Win for DJI in patent dispute with Autel Robotics

Breaking News: Win For Dji In Patent Dispute With Autel Robotics

Breaking news: DJI just scored a big win in the patent dispute with Autel Robotics. In a news update on the website from Finnegan, the law firm that represents DJI in this matter, it was announced that: The Commission is unlikely to enforce any exclusion order or cease-and-desist order based on the three invalid patents. DJI’s sales in the U.S., therefore, will not be affected by Autel’s claims...

Steptoe secures ITC win for Autel in patent dispute over drones with DJI

Steptoe Secures Itc Win For Autel In Patent Dispute Over Drones With Dji

Steptoe has secured a significant trial victory for Autel Robotics USA at the US International Trade Commission (ITC). On March 2, the chief administrative law judge of the ITC found that SZ DJI Technology Co. Ltd. and seven related entities (together known as “DJI”), the world’s largest maker of consumer drones, violated Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended, by importing...