Dji To Disable Flight Records Sync In The U.s.

DJI to Disable Flight Records Sync in the U.S.

DJI Responds to U.S. Regulatory Pressure with Flight Records Sync Changes In response to mounting regulatory pressure, notably the threat of the Countering CCP Drones Act proposed by Rep. Elise Stefanik, DJI is making significant changes to its data policy.…

The Rise Of U.s. Drones Amid Anti-China Sentiment

AI-Driven Drones: The Future of Search and Rescue?

Using drones for Search and Rescue in the rugged Scottish Highlands is becoming more efficient thanks to AI. A team from the University of Glasgow, led by Jan-Hendrik Ewers, is exploring how machine learning can enhance search strategies, reports MIT…

Dji Taking Over? Dji Power 1000 Review

DJI Taking Over? DJI Power 1000 Review

What is up guys, welcome back to another video. Let me turn on the lights real quick because they are being powered by this device right here, the DJI Power 1000. All of the lighting that requires AC in my…

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