Longest Drone Flight Preperations Going According To Plan

longest drone flight preparations going according to plan

Preparations for the longest drone flight in Europe, announced last year, are going according to plan. This is reported by engineering firm Antea Group. The aim is to fly a drone from Oranjewoud in the Netherlands over a length of…

Easa Clears The Way For Parcel Transport By Drone

EASA clears the way for parcel transport by drone

The European Aviation Safety Agency EASA has published new rules and guidelines for drones transporting goods over urban areas. Inspection flights over greater distances from, for example, high-voltage lines and pipelines are also within reach. With the new rules, EASA…

Dronebase Raises $7.5M Series C And Expands To Europe

DroneBase raises $7.5M Series C and expands to Europe

Today, we’re excited to announce that DroneBase has raised $7.5 million in Series C funding to expand our services to the renewable energy market with DroneBase Insights for Wind and Solar, and to found DroneBase Europe in Germany. New investors…