Drone Used To Smuggle Drugs Across Mexico Border

Drone used to smuggle drugs across Mexico border

Two US citizens were arrested by Yuma Sector agents on Thursday, November 5 after they picked up multiple packages of drugs that were dropped by a drone after smuggling the Contraband across the Mexico border.

Drones Used To Capture Mexico'S Drug Boss 'El Marro'

Drones used to capture Mexico’s drug boss ‘El Marro’

Drones were used to capture one of Mexico’s top drug bosses, who never slept at the same location for two nights in a row. After receiving a tip, Mexican authorities monitored four houses for 72 hours before launching the raid…

Facemasks Delivered By Drone In Mexico Hospitals

Facemasks delivered by drone to hospitals in Mexico

To avoid human contact, facemasks will be delivered to hospitals in Mexico by drone. Donations of antibacterial gel, facemasks, gloves, 3D-printed face shields, and other basic supplies have been delivered by unmanned aircraft to healthcare workers, says Sincronia Logistica.

Elle Mexico Cover Shoot Safely Captured By Drone

Elle Mexico cover shoot safely captured by drone

A number of photographers have turned to drones to be able to take photographs while keeping a safe distance from their subject. In this latest story, we learn how Santiago Arau used a drone to shoot the cover of Elle…