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Parrot selected by the U.S. Defense Innovation Unit as a major drone supplier

Parrot Partners With Wisekey To Define The Future Of Drone Security - Parrot Selected By The U.s. Defense Innovation Unit As A Major Drone Supplier

Parrot selected by the U.S. Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) as a major drone supplier for the U.S. Government. Parrot, the leading European drone group, is pleased to announce its selection in the Blue sUAS program by the U.S. Army and the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). The DIU is a Department of Defense organization that accelerates commercial technology for national defense.

Skydio, Parrot and other dronemakers approved by Pentagon for military sales

Skydio, Parrot And Other Dronemakers Approved By Pentagon For Military Sales

Today an article in the Wall Street Journal informs us that five drone makers have been approved by the Pentagon for military sales. Among the approved companies are . As expected the fifth one is French drone maker , that recently launched the ANAFI USA in a controversial marketing campaign.

Parrot expands partnership with Dronisos using the ANAFI platform

Parrot Expands Partnership With Dronisos Using The Anafi Platform

Parrot has been in the news recently for ending their consumer drone offering, going after DJI by saying that you can’t trust Chinese-made drones as part of their ANAFI USA marketing campaign, and for having their PR Firm push data security reports to the foreground that DJI says contain ‘inaccuracies and misleading statements.’ In the midst of all this, Parrot announces that...

CEO Henri Seydoux declares end of Parrot’s consumer drones and offers to show audited software

Ceo Henri Seydoux Declares End Of Parrot'S Consumer Drones And Offers To Show Audited Software

Parrot’s co-founder and CEO, declares the in an interview that was published earlier this month in Le Parisien. In the same article, Seydoux also offers to show that Parrot’s audited software applications do stand up to scrutiny. Now, what I’d be interested to know is, did the French security researchers from Synacktiv, who we know worked for DJI’s competitors, work with...

US drone companies receive millions in recovery funds from Department of Defense

Us Drone Companies Receive Millions In Recovery Funds From Department Of Defense

US drone companies receive millions in recovery funds from the Department of Defense. On Friday, the department announced that it will issue US$84.4 million in funding through the Defense Production Act to small drone makers, shipbuilders, and a space company. Skydio is one of the companies that benefitted from the financial injection.