Remote ID for Drones

Faa Remote Id For Drones - Final Rule December 2020

FAA Remote ID for Drones – Final Rule December 2020

Today, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released the final rule for Remote ID for Drones. Something we all have been anxiously been awaiting. Let’s take a closer look and see what’s good, what’s bad, and what this means for the…

The Faa'S Remote Id For Drones May Be Ready This Year

The FAA’s Remote ID for Drones may be ready this year

Steve Dickson, the FAA Administrator, said Wednesday during the virtual UAS Summit & Expo that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) might be able to launch Remote ID for Drones in December. The Remote ID system, a fundamental component of the…

Faa'S Remote Id For Drones Might Start In 2021

Remote ID for Drones might start in 2021 according to FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration aims to have an initial version of Remote ID for Drones up and running in 2021. According to documents viewed by Avionics International, the FAA is planning to have a first version of Remote ID for Drones…