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DOI drone order creates confusion for Cape Cod shark researchers

Doi Drone Order Creates Confusion For Cape Cod Shark Researchers

The Department of the Interior’s drone order, which temporarily halted all non-emergency unmanned aircraft systems fleet operations, creates confusion for who use drones to spot and study sharks along the coastline. The Cape Cod National Seashore is administered by the National Park Service, which in turn is an operating unit of the United States Department of the Interior.

Drone video shows sharks feeding feet away from surfers at Bondi Beach

Drone Video Shows Sharks Feeding Feet Away From Surfers At Bondi Beach

This terrifying drone video shows how five sharks are feeding on a school of fish only feet away from surfers at Bondi Beach. This is not the first video that we have seen that show how surfers and swimmers can be totally unaware of these predators swimming so nearby. The top-down view provided by drones allow us to see straight through to water and spot these massive and potentially dangerous...