Doi Drone Order Creates Confusion For Cape Cod Shark Researchers

DOI drone order creates confusion for Cape Cod shark researchers

The Department of the Interior’s drone order, which temporarily halted all non-emergency unmanned aircraft systems fleet operations, creates confusion for [mks_highlight color=”#ffff00″]shark researchers in Cape Cod[/mks_highlight] who use drones to spot and study sharks along the coastline. The Cape Cod…

Lifeguards With Drones Keep Beachgoers Safe In Australia

Lifeguards with drones keep beachgoers safe in Australia

Lifeguards with drones keep[mks_highlight color=”#ffff00″]beachgoers[/mks_highlight] (and sharks) safe in [mks_highlight color=”#ffff00″]New South Wales, Australia[ The NSW government started the drone initiative in response to an unprecedented spike in shark bites in 2015.