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Drone video shows sharks feeding feet away from surfers at Bondi Beach

Drone video shows sharks feeding feet away from surfers at Bondi Beach

This terrifying drone video shows how five sharks are feeding on a school of fish only feet away from surfers at Bondi Beach. This is not the first video that we have seen that show how surfers and swimmers can be totally unaware of these predators swimming so nearby. The top-down view provided by drones allow us to see straight through to water and spot these massive and potentially dangerous sharks.

The Drone Shark App captured these five grey nurse sharks swimming within a large school of fish feeding on them and diving deep in the water. The video clearly shows how close these predators get to the unsuspecting surfers and bodyboarders.

According to the Dail Mail, the Drone Shark App operators were surprised to see this many sharks feeding on the school of fish.

On Facebook, they said:

All I can say is wowsers guys. What a morning.

Commenters on Facebook expressed their fear and concerns. One person said:

‘I would give anything to get to see that from the water and the footage is incredible. I love it.’

Another person said:

‘Incredible footage! Amaze-balls.’

And somebody connected the scene to the coronavirus by commenting:

‘Great social distancing there.’

For the last couple of years, Australia has been at the forefront of using drones to patrol the beaches. Companies like the Ripper Group have been using drones and AI software to quickly scan the ocean for sharks and other potential threats. For instance, the software is able to distinguish between surfers, swimmers, bodyboarders, dolphins, sharks, and other marine life. The little ripper drones in combination with the AI software provide lifeguards with a quick overview of the situation in the water and the potential dangers lurking underneath the surface.

It is surprising to me that popular beach destinations here in the United States such as the state of Florida, are not using drones to keep people safe. What do you think about this? Do you think that lifeguards here should be using drones to help keep people in the water safe? Let us know in the comments below.

Haye Kesteloo

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