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Skydio 2’s amazing obstacle avoidance or dumb luck?

Skydio'S Amazing Obstacle Avoidance Or Dumb Luck?

Check out this video on Youtube from Brandonee916 where he uses the autonomously flying Skydio 2 to film a Tesla Model 3 in full self-driving mode Beta on public roads in the Nevada desert. At one point in the video, we can see the Skydio 2 flying right in between two power lines or telephone wires crossing the road. Is that the drone’s amazing obstacle avoidance or just dumb luck?

Skydio over-sells, under-delivers and couldn’t care less about FAA rules

Skydio Over-Sells, Under-Delivers And Couldn’t Care Less About Faa Rules

In response to my previous article in which I said Part 107 pilots beware, Skydio is NOT your friend, Skydio’s Chief Marketing Officer, Alberto Farronato, argues that Autonomy is the new opportunity for Part 107 drone operators. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Ask any Uber driver how they view their future employment in light of the advance of self-driving cars. If...

EagleView and Skydio enter into an exclusive partnership

Skydio 2 Will Get Superzoom, Precision Mode And Vertical View Confirms Skydio

EagleView recently announced an exclusive property inspection partnership with Skydio for automated residential roof inspection with drones. It forms a part of a multi-year, multi-million-dollar exclusive partnership to deliver Skydio House Scan™ to several major country markets. The partnership is expected to present the power of precision drone technology and AI to insurance carriers, claims...