Faa Unveils Blueprint For Advanced Air Mobility Infrastructure 1

FAA Unveils Blueprint for Advanced Air Mobility Infrastructure

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has introduced an updated blueprint outlining airspace and procedural changes to accommodate the future of air taxis and other Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) operations. According to the blueprint, AAM operations will initially start at a…

Ncdot Champions Unwavering Drone Safety

NCDOT Champions Unwavering Drone Safety

On the heels of National Drone Safety Day, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) urges operators to prioritize drone safety when piloting their unmanned aircraft systems. Inexperienced pilots and failure to follow safety guidelines can make drone operations hazardous.…

The Federal Aviation Administration (Faa) Drone Safety Day Takes Place On April 29Th, 2023.

FAA Drone Safety Day Set for April 29, 2023

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Drone Safety Day takes place on April 29th, 2023. Drones are rapidly becoming a dominant force in the aviation industry across the United States. As of January, the FAA has registered over 871,000 drones, with…

State Lawmakers Outlawing Drones?!?!

State Lawmakers Outlawing Drones?!?!

This video is intended to assist state and local agencies and lawmakers when it comes to writing and adopting rules and regulations in their communities concerning drones and other uncrewed aircraft systems. Welcome to the channel, everyone! My name is…

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