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FAA grounds FOX News drone documenting illegal immigrants

Faa Grounds Fox News Drone Documenting Illegal Immigrants

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) over the city of Del Rio, TX for “special security reasons.” The TFR grounded a FOX News drone that was used to document the more than 10,000 illegal immigrants that are waiting for asylum under the Del Rio International Bridge. Updated: The FAA released a statement on 9/17 saying that FOXNews had...

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Illegal drone flight over Disney World results in trespassing warning

Trespassing Warning After Illegal Drone Flight Over Disney World

After his illegal drone flight over Disney World in Florida, the 40-year-old drone pilot received a trespassing warning. According to the Orlando Sentinel, a security guard from Disney World saw the unmanned aircraft hovering about 100 feet from Cinderella’s Castle. The unidentified Floridian drone pilot was caught by an off-duty Orange County deputy. The illegal drone flight over Disney...