Mars drone makes most complex flight to date

Mars Drone Makes Most Complex Flight To Date

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars drone made its most complex drone flight yet over the surface of the red planet on Sunday. The space agency reported this on Twitter. During the mars drone flight, ten different waypoints were visited. A record height of twelve meters was reached. During the flight, photos were taken that are used to map out a suitable route for Marslander Perseverance.

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Mars drone, Ingenuity makes successful first test flight

Mars Drone Makes Successful First Test Flight

The Mars drone, Ingenuity has successfully completed its first short test flight. That reports the American space agency NASA. It is the first time that a drone has flown on another planet. The aircraft rose to a height of a few meters and then descended to the surface again. Mission leadership speaks of a “Wright Brothers moment.”

First interplanetary drone, Ingenuity arrives on Mars

First Interplanetary Drone, Ingenuity Arrives On Mars

After a space journey of some 292 million miles and a blood-curdling descent through the atmosphere of Mars, the Mars rover Perseverance has successfully landed on the red planet. Space agency NASA announced. Onboard the rover is the first interplanetary drone in unmanned aviation history: the Ingenuity.

NASA Government Invention of the Year 2020 goes to UTM

Nasa Government Invention Of The Year 2020 Goes To Utm

Today, NASA announces the winners of its 2020 Invention and Software of the Year Awards. The agency has created two categories and one of them, the ‘Government Invention of the Year’ goes to the invention of NASA’s patented Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management developed by a team at the agency’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, California.