Drones Disrupt Firefighting Efforts In Washington

Drones Disrupt Firefighting Efforts in Washington

Washington state Firefighters are at their wits’ end. Drones, flown by curious onlookers, are hovering over wildfires, making their challenging job even more difficult. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) expressed its frustration with the public through a…

Drones Redefine Emergency Response In Northern Ontario

Drones Redefine Emergency Response in Northern Ontario

Drones are steadily becoming a crucial part of the toolkit for emergency services in Northern Ontario, promising safer and more efficient operations. The Greater Sudbury Police Services (GSPS) has been capitalizing on these benefits since 2020, and they’re eager to…

New Bills Propel Drones In Wildfire Fights - Faa'S Laanc Compliance Rate Is Only 20 To 30 Percent, According To Aloft Study - Faa To Survey Drone Pilot Fatigue And Rest For Future Rulemaking

New Bills Propel Drones in Wildfire Fights

In a bid to ramp up the battle against wildfires, drones are soaring onto the scene, thanks to federal lawmakers’ initiatives. Yet, the bureaucratic entanglements around regulations and procurement pose significant challenges, prompting Congress to bolster unmanned aircraft’s use for…