Washington Needs To Reconsider Drone-Banning Proposals, Says Ceo Drone Amplified

Drone Amplified: Washington needs to reconsider drone-banning proposals

Washington needs to reconsider drone-banning proposals, argues Carrick Detweiler, CEO of Drone Amplified. He explains in an open letter why drones play such a crucial rule in monitoring, preventing, and fighting wildfires. Detweiler also argues for the U.S. Government to create…

Mq-9_Reaper_Uav_Cuomo Welcomes Back Ny Drone Pilots From Fighting Wildfires

Cuomo welcomes back NY drone pilots from fighting wildfires

On Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo welcomed home a team of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers, staff, volunteers, and two drone pilots of the New York Air National Guard, who have been helping battle and contain wildland…