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Political candidate shoots at ‘Chinese communist drones’ flying over her property in Texas

Political Candidate Shoots At 'Chinese Communist Drones' Flying Over Her Property In Texas

In a video on social media, political candidate Shelley Luther (R-TX) shoots at “Chinese communist drones” flying over her property. The video is made to promote Luther’s candidacy for the Texas State Senate, and in it, she claims that Drew Springer (R-TX) wrote a bill “to let Chinese drones conduct sweeping surveillance in Texas on our critical infrastructure, even...

Zègre-Hemsey tests drone delivery of defibrillators in North Carolina

Zègre-Hemsey Tests Drone Delivery For Defibrillators, Featured In Nc Tracs Video

Dr. Jessica Zègre-Hemsey and her team published the results of their drone study in The New England Journal of Medicine (September 17, 2020). The study was supported by a grant from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NC TraCS), National Institutes of Health, and was a collaboration with UNC School of Public Health, UNC School of Medicine, and North Carolina State University.