DJI, the global leader in drone and camera technology, has just launched the Zenmuse H30 Series, a cutting-edge aerial payload designed to deliver exceptional visual capabilities both day and night. This new series promises to revolutionize public safety responses and energy inspections with its advanced imaging technology.


Breakthrough in Aerial Imaging

DJI's new Zenmuse H30 Series sets a new standard in aerial visuals with its powerful features and versatility. The series includes the H30T, equipped with a wide-angle camera, zoom camera, infrared thermal camera, laser range finder, and NIR auxiliary light. The H30, on the other hand, features all but the infrared thermal camera. Both models are compatible with the RTK and Matrice 350 RTK, utilizing intelligent algorithms to enhance both day and night vision.

Christina Zhang, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at DJI, highlighted the series' impact: “The unparalleled visuals from this trustworthy payload will no doubt enhance the effectiveness of 无人机飞行员 aiding operations, firefighting efforts, utility inspections, and conservation efforts.”

DJI Launches Revolutionary Zenmuse H30 Series

Unmatched Visual Clarity

The Zenmuse H30 Series is designed for superior vision, boasting a 40MP zoom camera with up to 34× optical zoom and 400× digital zoom. This allows operators to capture fine details from significant distances, such as reading a license plate from 2,132 feet away. The Electronic Dehazing function further improves image clarity in challenging atmospheric conditions.

Stability is key for detailed inspections, and the Zenmuse H30 Series' image stabilization algorithm ensures steady and clear imagery, making it ideal for tasks like power line inspections. Its laser range finder can provide precise positioning information for subjects as far as 9,843 feet away.

Day-to-Night Operations

The Zenmuse H30 Series excels in low-light conditions, switching to Night Scene mode for continuous operation. The zoom camera, supported by IR Light and NIR illumination, enhances night-time surveillance and search-and-rescue missions. The series offers Full-Color Night Vision and Black-and-White Night Vision, providing high-quality live views and recordings.

The Smart Capture mode leverages intelligent image algorithms to produce well-balanced photos regardless of ambient lighting, capturing rich details even in low light.

Advanced Infrared Capabilities

The H30T's infrared thermal camera features a 1280×1024 resolution with up to 32× digital zoom, capable of measuring temperatures up to 2912°F. This is invaluable for detecting hotspots and for search and rescue teams identifying subtle temperature differences. Enhanced infrared gain modes further assist in monitoring and conservation efforts.

The Ultra-High Resolution Infrared Image function ensures clear infrared images at higher zoom levels, and Link Zoom allows for simultaneous visual light and thermal imaging, speeding up subject location.

DJI Launches Revolutionary Zenmuse H30 Series

Built for Tough Conditions

With an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance, the Zenmuse H30 Series is designed to operate reliably in harsh conditions, from -4°F to 122°F. This makes it suitable for various challenging environments.


The Zenmuse H30 Series is now available through authorized dealers. For more information, visit DJI Zenmuse H30 Series.

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The Zenmuse H30 Series is a significant advancement in , offering unmatched visual capabilities and robust features. Its potential applications in public safety, emergency response, and industrial inspections highlight the transformative power of drones in critical operations. DJI continues to lead the industry with innovations that not only push technological boundaries but also enhance the effectiveness and safety of various professional fields.

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