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Fpv Drone Captures Tom Brady'S Fake Hole-In-One!

FPV drone captures Tom Brady’s fake hole-in-one!

Check out this video on Twitter in which an FPV drone captures Tom Brady’s fake hole-in-one. As Tom swings to hit the golf ball, a small quadcopter swoops in and follows the golf ball as it leaves the face of…

How The Fpv Drone Shots For 'Ambulance' Were Made

How the FPV drone shots for ‘Ambulance’ were made

The new film ‘Ambulance’ has been showing in cinemas since last week. It is a hard-hitting action film in which two criminals steal an ambulance containing a patient and a doctor to get away from a failed bank robbery. That…

Van Gogh Painting Comes To Life In Fpv-Style Animation

FPV-STYLE ANIMATION brings Van Gogh painting to life

The FPV fly-through phenomenon is starting to take on a life of its own. For example, graphic artist and iArt founder Alejandro Vigilante (@VigilanteArtist) recently posted an fpv-style animation on Twitter in which a Van Gogh painting seems to come…

Incredible Fpv Drone Flight Through Waterslide

Incredible FPV drone flight through waterslide

Over the past year, we’ve witnessed some amazing FPV drone flight videos ranging from a round of a bowling alley to flights past competitive swimmers and guests at a wedding. FPV drone pilot Gustavo Remor adds an impressive fly-through one-taker,…

Red Notice Actions Scenes Were Filmed With An Fpv Drone

Red Notice actions scenes were filmed with an FPV drone

Do you have a Netflix account? The film Red Notice, for example, just aired on the streaming service. It’s worth noting that several of the film’s spectacular action moments were filmed using an FPV drone and a prototype of the…

Watch This Longest Cinematic Fpv Drone Video Ever!

Watch this longest cinematic FPV drone video ever!

Are you a fan of high-definition FPV drone footage with a theatrical feel? Then you should surely take a seat and watch this creation of Kerni FPV. It must be the longest cinematic FPV drone video ever!