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Red Notice actions scenes were filmed with an FPV drone

Red Notice Actions Scenes Were Filmed With An Fpv Drone

Do you have a Netflix account? The film Red Notice, for example, just aired on the streaming service. It’s worth noting that several of the film’s spectacular action moments were filmed using an FPV drone and a prototype of the new RED Komodo 6K. Johnny Schaer, also known as Johnny FPV, operated the drone. Working on the film was a dream come true for him.

AI drone flies through dense forest at 25mph

Ai Drone Flies Through Dense Forest At 25Mph

Until recently, only well-trained FPV drone pilots were able to fly at high speeds in thick forests. However, owing to advances in artificial intelligence research, scientists have created an AI drone that can fly at 25 mph through a dense forest while avoiding any branches and other obstacles. The AI drone is unique in that it does not need to be taught in a comparable setting.

FPV drone video: What a Wonderful World

What A Wonderful World

One of the video platforms where beautiful drone videos regularly appear is Vimeo. It’s a matter of typing in ‘drone’ as the search term, setting the search period to ‘last 30 days’, sorting the results by ‘popularity’ and voilĂ : the newest gems will surface automatically. That’s how we came across the FPV drone video ‘What a Wonderful...

FPV drone pilot shoots next-level wedding video

However, Fpv Drone Pilot Andy Lawrence Takes A Very Different Approach: His Piloting Skills Make For A Very Refreshing Wedding Video. Check It Out.

Let’s face it, a lot of wedding videos are actually pretty dull. The bride and groom get dressed, family and friends gather, then finally comes the yes, the cutting of the cake, followed by the necessary obligatory images of the reception. However, FPV drone pilot Andy Lawrence takes a very different approach: his piloting skills make for a very refreshing wedding video. Check it out.

Johnny FPV shoots new Porsche commercial

Johnny Fpv Shoots New Porsche Commercial

Car manufacturer Porsche put a new commercial online this week that is a veritable FPV feast! Normally not something to pay much attention to, because such a Taycan Cross Turismo is not affordable for most of us. This time, however, none other than drone hero Johnny FPV was asked to produce this ad. Enough reason to get excited!