Ecoflow Delta Max will keep your drones easily charged during remote operations

How to keep your drones charged during remote operations? Meet the EcoFlow DELTA Max power station.

If you need a power source to keep your drones, cameras, laptop, and other equipment fully charged when conducting a drone operation in a remote location, you should take a look at the EcoFlow Delta Max power station.

The EcoFlow Delta Max comes with a base capacity of 2016Wh, which should easily be enough to charge your drones and other equipment multiple times over.

For illustration purposes, the EcoFlow Delta Max power station can power four lights, a fan, a router, a laptop, a fridge, and take care of charging smartphones, for half a day.

In the rare situation that this is still not enough the EcoFlow Delta Max power station can be expanded with two additional Smart Extra Batteries bringing the total capacity up to 6048Wh. This combo should keep an average family going for about two days in case of a power outage, so you can imagine how many times you’d be able to charge your drone batteries.

Of course, your power backup requirements may be different in which case EcoFlow offers various solutions for you both with larger and smaller capacities.

“We saw great reception to the EcoFlow DELTA series, and our customers said they wanted even more power from their batteries,” said Thomas Chan, R&D Director at EcoFlow. “The EcoFlow DELTA Max takes resiliency to another level. It can truly provide backup power for an entire home and mitigate the impact of power outages.”

The EcoFlow DELTA Max

How To Keep Your Drones Charged During Remote Operations? Meet The Ecoflow Delta Max Power Station.

The EcoFlow DELTA Max can be fully charged from a standard household outlet in less than two hours. The power station also supports dual charging with an AC outlet and two 400W Solar Panels simultaneously.

With a 2400W AC output, the EcoFlow DELTA Max can power 99% of appliances, including electric kettles, air conditioners, space heaters, steam irons, and electric clothes dryers. With EcoFlow’s patented X-Boost technology, the EcoFlow DELTA Max can even power some 3400W devices, leading all competitors with the same capacity level.

The EcoFlow DELTA Max is currently on sale for $1,899, which is a $200 discount compared to its original price.

A number of EcoFlow products were originally launched on Kickstarter where they were very well received. For instance, the EcoFlow Delta Max received over US$1 million in commitments within the first 45 minutes.

If you’re interested in getting one of the EcoFlow products right now might be a good time to shop as they have a special Valentine’s sale with discounts of up to $900.

We’re looking forward to testing one of the EcoFlow Delta Max power stations ourselves to see how well it works to keep our drones charged when we’re operating in a remote location. So stay tuned for a detailed review coming up soon.

What do you use to keep your drones charged when you’re out in the field? Do you use a generator or do you rely on power banks like the EcoFlow Delta Max power station? Let us know in the comments below.

Ecoflow Delta Max Will Keep Your Drones Easily Charged During Remote Operations 3

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