Russian military camp struck by a Polish-made kamikaze drones

The Ukrainian forces used precise kamikaze drones, according to the military intelligence service, to eliminate the targets.

In a video released on Friday by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, it appears that a Warmate loitering munition struck a Russian military camp in occupied Enerhodar, in the northwest Zaporizhzhia region.

“Using kamikaze drones, a blow was struck at the tent camp and enemy vehicles, including a truck with anti-aircraft guns and a BM-21 Grad. As a result of the attack, three Rashists (Russian soldiers) were killed, and twelve were injured,” the military intelligence service reportedly said.

Three Kamikaze drones struck Russian military camp

Three Ukrainian suicide drones were said to have attacked Russian targets on the grounds of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Energodar.

The reactors at the nuclear power plant were unharmed, and the radiation levels were normal.

Vladimir Rogov, the head of the Zaporizhia Oblast occupation administration with support from , claimed that “terrorists” from Ukraine attacked the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant with kamikaze UAVs, which are highly accurate and unlikely to have risked damage to the Zaporizhzhia NPP nuclear reactors. Rogov was likely referring to Ukrainian troops.

The Polish company WB Electronics created the loitering weapon known as Warmate.

A loitering munition is a type of weapon system that spends some time loitering around the target area. It looks for targets and then attacks once one is found.

The system is distinguished by a lightweight design and the capacity to carry out various mission types.

The system's architecture enables the integration of the Ground Control Station and the Ground Data Terminal with onboard vehicle systems as well as its installation on vehicles (cars and APCs).

With its ability to operate in a significantly larger radius, the Warmate suicide drone represents a good substitute for anti-tank guided missiles and enables comfortable detection and observation of the potential target over a considerable amount of time.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of suicide drones like the one used in the attack on the Russian troops.

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