How The DJI Mini 3 Pro Has Evolved – All The New Features Since It Was Launched

Good day, folks. Shawn, here from Air Photography. So, I thought it would be interesting to make a video to see how the DJI Mini 3 Pro has evolved since it was first released.

Quite often with a product such as the Mini 3 Pro (the drone we have today, eight months down the road), is quite different from what it was when it was first released.



DJI releases firmware updates that add brand-new features, enhance existing features with new functionality, and they fix a lot of bugs and problems that surface once a product is released.

So, in this video, we're going to take a look back at some of the firmware that was released and some of the new features that have been added to the Mini 3 Pro.

We're not going to look at everything because this video would get quite long, but just some of the major new features and enhancements.

Now, if you'd like to go and check out for yourself some of the firmware updates that have been released, DJI keeps a comprehensive list on their website of all the changes and features that have been done to most of their products.

DJI Mini 3 firmware updates

All you have to do is go to the website, select the product that you're interested in, and in this case, we're going to be selecting the Mini 3 Pro.

At the top here, there's an option for downloads, and in this section, you can get all the software that's available for the product. You can download the app companion software, lots of them if they're available, but you can also get their user manual and any information about the product.

What we're interested in is the release notes, and you can see here that it's in PDF format. So, when we click on it, it's going to list every that they've released since the product was first launched.

Now, the other thing to keep in mind when you're checking for updates and different product enhancements and what's been added and changed, is that there are three different parts to it that you have to pay attention to.

First of all, there is firmware for the aircraft that is updated regularly, but there is also firmware for the controllers. Some features and enhancements come with just a firmware update for the controller. Thirdly, there is the , which is often updated with firmware when the controller is updated. In other instances, only the Fly app gets updated, which could also enhance features.

How The Dji Mini 3 Pro Has Evolved - All The New Features Since It Was Launched

To start, the Mini 3 Pro received its very first firmware update on launch day. Often, firmware for products like this isn't quite ready to go when they first launch. Therefore, when purchasing a brand-new Mini 3 Pro, there will be firmware waiting.

This firmware was released on May 17th; you can see the firmware version number in the update. The firmware adds a lot of basic stuff that was expected with the Mini 3 Pro. Stuff that was advertised alongside it, such as vertical shooting, Focus Track, APAS 4.0, Hyperlapses, Master Shots, Quick Shots, Quick Transfer, Panoramas, and a couple of different filming modes.

If you happened to get hold of the Mini 3 Pro before it was launched, you wouldn't have had any of those features. However, as it was officially released, this firmware was available, and you could get it on day one.

DJI Mini 3 Pro Quick Transfer

Moving along, the next firmware update was in mid-June, and it was a minor update. The main thing it did was enhance quick transfer. Quick transfer was already built-in to the Mini 3 Pro, but with the firmware update, it would go into a low-power state, allowing you to transfer more content without using as much battery power.

It also helped prevent the Drone from overheating when transferring a large amount of content. So, it was a small but significant update.

But it was pretty important for those who use the quick transfer feature, as it made it work more efficiently. Two weeks later, another firmware update was released, which added many new features and enhancements. Many people were pleased with this update.

The main things that were added in this firmware update are: Focus track and features can now be used while filming in vertical mode, Hyperlapses can now be filmed in vertical format, quick shots can be used, and a two-second option for Hyperlapse filming was added. Additionally, continuous autofocus support was added to filming videos, and a USB mode was added for transferring content directly to a computer, which disables the image transmission system and prevents overheating.

The update also enhanced existing features, such as increasing camera speed when taking photos and dynamic range when filming a Hyperlapse, and fixed bugs.

The next firmware update was released around mid-August (specifically, on August 17th). The main addition was the support for the RC Pro, which allows owners to fly their Pro with it.

How The Dji Mini 3 Pro Has Evolved - All The New Features Since It Was Launched

Existing features, such as video stability when filming Hyperlapses, were also updated and enhanced. After this update, videos were much more stable and less jumpy compared to before.

Now moving along, the next update for the Mini 3 Pro was on October 26th. This update was not a huge one, but it did add a couple of very important new features.

If we take a look at the release notes, we can see that it added support for , which is a dreaded feature for some. It also added support for Master Shots when filming in vertical mode. Of course, we got the update for FocusTrack and Hyperlapses earlier in the year, but this one gave us the ability to use Master Shots when filming vertically.

It also added shutter priority and ISO priority for the camera when in Pro mode. Another interesting addition is a new style parameter in the camera settings. This allowed users to adjust the sharpness and noise reduction to their own taste.

Finally, the update added support for the wide-angle lens. On December 22nd, we got another small update that fixed some unknown bugs. DJI did not go into detail about what was fixed, but the update added support for prop guards, which were released for the Mini 3 Pro and the Mini 3.

How The Dji Mini 3 Pro Has Evolved - All The New Features Since It Was Launched

That was the last firmware update for the aircraft. Additionally, between updating the firmware of the controller and the Fly app, we got a few interesting features and updates.

For example, when using the compass, we have the ability to switch between using the aircraft and the controller as the center of the universe. This allowed users to switch back and forth between the two as they preferred. And finally, throughout updates, some range issues were fixed.

Increased range for Canadian drone pilots

Here in , many of us were having a problem with the drone. It was going into the CE power mode instead of the FCC power mode, which really limited the range.

This problem was also corrected via firmware updates on June 30th. We got an update for the DJRC that allowed us to fly the Mavic 3 with it, which was a pretty important update for the DJRC.

How The Dji Mini 3 Pro Has Evolved - All The New Features Since It Was Launched

It now allowed people to buy an affordable smart-style controller instead of having to spend a lot of money on something like the RC Pro if they were flying to Mavic 3. That same update also fixed the compass problem that a lot of people were experiencing.

Their compass was not behaving the way it should. On October 26th, we also got another update for the DJRC that added support for the Air 2S. A lot of people were waiting for that update, so it was a very welcome firmware update as well.

Finally, in December, we got another firmware update that added support for the newly released Mini 3. It also allowed us the ability to go in and download offline maps.

If you wanted to have full map features while flying without a connection, you were now able to go in and download them and view them while you did not have an internet connection.

These are all the features and enhancements that have been added to the Mini 3 Pro since it was launched. Now in 2023, we're in March, and we haven't really had anything significant added to the Mini 3 Pro. I can only assume there is one just around the corner.

There are a lot of rumors going around about things that might be added to it. But there are a lot of features that a lot of us are hoping that DJI adds to the Mini 3 Pro. Such as Waypoint missions, cruise control, and the ability to set the speed when in cine mode.

How The Dji Mini 3 Pro Has Evolved - All The New Features Since It Was Launched

Those are all features that I hope that DJI does add to the Mini 3 Pro sometime in the near future.

Well folks, hopefully, you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it. Give it a thumbs up if you did. It's always greatly appreciated.

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