Heating Up: DJI’s Answer to Mini 3 Lens Condensation

Drone pilots operating in highly humid regions often encounter a well-known issue: condensation accumulating on the lens. Intriguingly, for DJI's Mini 3 series, this lens fogging appears to transpire from within. Could the introduction of a heating element be the ingenious answer?

DJI user forums frequently reveal interesting challenges when pilots fly drones in different climates, exposing the machines to various stress conditions. Recently, a new issue seems to be clouding the lens of the series, leading to blurry images reported by affected pilots.

Foggy Lens Problem with DJI Mini 3?

In the Chinese BBS Community Forum by DJI, a considerable number of users share a common issue: internal fogging of their Mini 3 drone lens. This isn't an isolated case, as several pilots describe similar experiences, even after returning and receiving replacements of the drone.

It is still unclear how the condensation develops inside the camera, which settles on the lens, rendering the image unusable. The website KANZHAJI has even collected numerous examples of Mini 3 cameras with evident condensation.

Heating Up: Dji'S Answer To Mini 3 Lens Condensation

Heating Element to Combat DJI Mini 3 Lens Fogging?

As reported by the Chinese website 大疆.com, DJI appears to be addressing this problem in a new hardware version of the Mini 3 with a small heating element.

Preliminary images display an opened Mini 3 camera, revealing a new small ring on the inner side of the lens connected with two wires to the rest of the camera.

Whether this is an updated version of the drone already being distributed, or an experimental setup shown in the image, is unclear.

Heating the lens theoretically could prevent condensation from air moisture on the glass lens. However, it remains a mystery why the camera is susceptible to water droplets, allowing for the formation of an internal fog layer.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have experienced similar lens fogging issues with your DJI mini 3 Pro drone.

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  1. I live in South Florida where it is really hot and if we hover for a few minutes, the mini will overheat. It runs REALLY hot. I would think I colder climates, this heat from within would create the condensation on the lens, similar to issues with jnsta360 cameras underwater. I’m interested if anyone in warm climates has had this issue?

    • From India, the climates are nor even so hot not so cold. But the I got the same issue . I think the main camera module which should move freely for focusing on object, and even after using the rubber ring comes within the mini 3 pro from manufacturer, it never gets completely air locked. If you thing of using lighter to just give a heat up to clear the internal fog, just don’t do these, u’ll damage the camera module. U can try replacing the cooling paste comes for the camera module circuit.

  2. I have replaced my Mini 3 Pro 5 times in order to receive one OK on 6th exchange.
    They seal it with rubber silicone, but the whole process is not completed in a air controlled room.
    One easy way to deal with it was to seal it in controlled environment using gas like Argon…but seems that is a design flaw and this makes room for a total recall of all products.

  3. This is a very common issue with lenses for other camera equipment like DSLR lenses …… Its caused by the outside temps being much warmer than the inside lens temp.
    If this temperature difference is significant and it happens quickly (like bringing a lens from indoors with AC outside during a warm day) It will form condensation on the inside of the lens.

    If this happens frequently enough, you could actually get mold growth upon the inside of your lens.

    The “workaround” is to either warm the lens gradually from the indoors colder temps to the outdoor warmer temps ….. or my go-to method for preventing condensation upon my expensive DSLR lenses …… Place the lens (or in this case drone) into a sealed plastic bag and keep it in there until the temperatures both inside the lens and outdoors reach equilibrium. Usually only takes 15 mins or so depending upon the temperature extremes and outside conditions

  4. I’m in the Philippines and this condensation issue appears each time I fly my Mini 3 Pro. I don’t know what to do as there doesn’t seem any replacement option here in the Philippines. I think I have to seal the lens with a silicon gasket myself.

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