Elevating Women in Drone Racing and Tech: The New Flight Path

In a significant move to boost gender diversity and inclusion in the world of sports and technology, the Drone Racing League (DRL) and the U.S. Air Force have announced the launch of “DRL's Women Taking Flight.”

This groundbreaking initiative is set to empower women in the fields of drone racing, technology, and aviation, marking a historic step toward gender equity in traditionally male-dominated spaces.

Aiming High for Gender Equity

“DRL's Women Taking Flight” is more than just a program—it's a call to action for women across the globe to explore and excel in careers where they've historically been underrepresented. With the U.S. Air Force as a founding partner, this initiative is poised to open new horizons for women in drone racing and STEM fields by launching drone racing competitions, esports tournaments, and STEM curricula designed to attract top female talent.

The stats speak volumes: DRL's female fandom has seen a fourfold increase, with a whopping 70% of its 90 million young, tech-obsessed fans not following traditional Big 5 leagues. This shift underscores a growing interest in tech-powered sports among women and highlights the potential for initiatives like Women Taking Flight to make a substantial impact.

Breaking Barriers and Setting New Standards

DRL President Rachel Jacobson emphasizes the league's commitment to diversity and inclusion, stating, “Our DRL Women Taking Flight platform will inspire women and girls to pursue their dream careers as drone pilots, athletes, and engineers.” The program not only aims to inspire but also provides tangible pathways for women to develop their skills and compete at the highest levels.

Top female drone racers will have the opportunity to train with DRL Champion Pilots and compete in an esports tournament on the DRL SIM—a true-to-life drone racing video game. The ultimate prize? A professional contract in the league and the chance to become a DRL Pilot, participating in races and supporting the upcoming “Girls Taking Flight” STEM course.

Barry Dickey of the Air Force Recruiting Service highlights the partnership's goal to inform women about opportunities in the Air Force and Space Force, expressing enthusiasm for helping women pilots “soar to new heights and Aim High.”

Challenging the Status Quo

Despite women making up only about 5% of pilots, receiving a mere 15% of U.S. sports media coverage, and holding less than 27% of tech-related jobs, initiatives like DRL's Women Taking Flight are critical in challenging these disparities. By fostering an environment that supports and promotes women in drone racing, sports, and STEM, DRL and the U.S. Air Force are setting a new standard for diversity and inclusion.

The partnership with ReachTV, a streaming television network reaching over 50 million monthly travelers, will further amplify the initiative, bringing the achievements and aspirations of women in drone racing and technology to a wider audience.

A New Era of Inclusion and Innovation

The launch of DRL's Women Taking Flight signifies a pivotal moment in sports and technology, demonstrating a committed effort to bridge the gender gap and promote inclusivity. By empowering women to pursue careers in drone racing, STEM, and aviation, DRL and the U.S. Air Force are not only challenging the status quo but also paving the way for a more diverse and innovative future. As this initiative takes off, it's clear that the sky's the limit for women aiming high in these fields.

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