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Wiebe de Jager (@wdejager) is the founder of Dronewatch and author of several bestselling books about drone photography. Wiebe is a certified drone pilot and has a full ROC license.

DJI Mavic 3 drone review: torn between two opinions

Dji Mavic 3 Drone Review

DJI introduced the Mavic 3 in early November 2021, with a lot of marketing fanfare. According to DJI, the long-awaited successor to the Mavic 2 boasts a dual-camera system and has been upgraded on several fronts. But how is the Mavic 3 in daily use? Is the Mavic 3 the perfect successor for the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom? Is it possible that the Inspire 2 has already been phased out? I purchased the DJI...

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Sony Airpeak S1 drone will be available at the end of December

Sony Airpeak S1 Drone Will Be Available For Purchase At The End Of December

Sony announced the Airpeak S1 last summer, a high-end drone for film production. It is the smallest drone capable of carrying a full-frame Alpha camera like the a7S Series and has sophisticated obstacle recognition, according to Sony. The first copies will be distributed on December 24th. Gremsy, a camera gimbal maker, will release the ‘T3 for Airpeak’ at the same time.

60th anniversary of Renault 4 celebrated with flying Renault AIR4 drone

60Th Anniversary Of Renault 4 Celebrated With Flying Renault Air4 Drone

The iconic Renault 4 celebrates its 60th anniversary. Renault has created a unique flying anniversary edition of the automobile to commemorate the occasion. The Renault AIR4 eVTOL is completely electric and has a cruising speed of 93 km/h. The greatest altitude of the flight is about 700 meters. Renault intends to do flying demonstrations in cities all over the globe, including New York and Miami.

Avy unveils improved Aera drone and Drone Response Network

Avy Unveils Improved Aera Drone And Drone Response Network

Avy, a Dutch drone manufacturer, has launched an enhanced version of its Aera drone, with a greater flying range and the potential to deliver up to three kilograms of medical products. Avy is also releasing the Drone Response Network, a technology that can deliver drone coverage in a given location immediately. According to Avy creator Patrique Zaman, there is a significant demand for innovative...

DJI Fly app doesn’t work with Google Pixel 6 phones drone pilots complain

Dji Fly App Doesn'T Work With Google Pixel 6 Phones Drone Pilots Complain

The DJI Fly app is incompatible with the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones. Drone pilots of the Mavic Mini, Mavic Air 2, Mini 2, DJI FPV, Air 2S, and DJI Mavic 3 have experienced this. Instead of the camera picture, the app displays a blank screen on the smartphone. The issue is if DJI will find a solution quickly. The problems are also present in DJI’s other Android applications...

Student honored for research into gas-detecting mini drones

Dutch Student Honored For Research Into Gas-Detecting Mini Drones

A graduation study into indoor flying mini drones that work together to detect a gas leak has earned the Dutch student, who used to study at the Technical University in Delft (Netherlands), Bart Duisterhof the honorable mention Best Graduate of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. He came up with a solution in which the drones explore a space independently of each other. As soon as one of the...

Red Notice actions scenes were filmed with an FPV drone

Red Notice Actions Scenes Were Filmed With An Fpv Drone

Do you have a Netflix account? The film Red Notice, for example, just aired on the streaming service. It’s worth noting that several of the film’s spectacular action moments were filmed using an FPV drone and a prototype of the new RED Komodo 6K. Johnny Schaer, also known as Johnny FPV, operated the drone. Working on the film was a dream come true for him.

The Foldable Single Actuator Monocopter folds up and flies like a maple seed

The Foldable Single Actuator Monocopter Folds Up And Flies Like A Maple Seed

You’ve undoubtedly seen a maple seed being carried away by the wind like a little aircraft. The same approach can be used to maintain a drone in the air, it turns out. The Foldable Single Actuator Monocopter (F-SAM) is a retractable monocopter that can spin around like a maple seed, according to researchers, and it folds up.