Ehang Starts Drone Show Service In Europe

EHang starts drone show service in Europe

The Chinese company EHang has started offering drone show services in the European market. To this end, EHang has entered into a partnership with the Austrian event agency Concept Solutions. With the new Drone Pixel service, the companies are responding…

Austria To Start Digital Air Traffic Control With Drones In 2023 2

Austria to start digital air traffic control with drones in 2023

The Austrian aviation authority, Austro Control, has entered into a partnership with the specialist ICT company Frequentis to develop a digital air traffic control system for drones. In this way, the growing number of drone flights must be safely integrated…

Ehang Offers Tourist Sightseeing Flights By Drone In China

EHang offers tourist sightseeing flights by drone in China

Want to make a sightseeing flight by Passenger Drone? Nowadays it is possible in the Chinese city of Henqin. Last week, 36 tourists made a scenic flight in the EHang 216 AAV, an electrically powered multirotor drone with room for…