EHang starts drone show service in Europe

The Chinese company EHang has started offering drone show services in the European market. To this end, has entered into a partnership with the Austrian event agency Concept Solutions. With the new Drone Pixel service, the companies are responding to the growing demand for greener and cheaper alternatives to traditional fireworks shows.

EHang: from air taxis to drone swarms

EHang has a relatively long history in the drone sector. The company began developing a consumer camera drone, the Ghost Drone, in 2015. Later, EHang made the switch to drones that are large enough to transport cargo and even people (including the two-person EH216, which is now being used for tourist sightseeing flights). This now includes drones specialized for light displays.

In addition to making drones and eVTOLs, EHang also focuses on the development of software that allows multiple devices to be controlled remotely at the same time. This allows not only flights with air taxis to be coordinated, but also drone swarms consisting of luminous drones. So, it makes sense for a company that focuses on new ways of flying and swarm technology to move on to putting on drone show services.

Drone Pixel show

To provide drone show services in , EHang has entered into a partnership with the Austrian event agency, Concept Solutions. Under the name Drone Pixel, the companies will offer their services to progressive city authorities and companies that are looking for alternatives to traditional fireworks to brighten up festivities or promote products.

On Twitter, EHang writes:

“EHang has launched our Aerial Light Show services in Europe. With fireworks being banned in more and more cities, we offer an alternative: digital, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. This week we presented at #ISE2022 in Barcelona. Due to the great interest, we quickly ran out of 1,000 brochures!”

‘LED screen’

The name ‘Drone Pixel’ was not chosen entirely by chance. According to EHang, it is possible to use drones to depict all kinds of 3D shapes, including moving figures, logos, and letters. The result is a fascinating ‘LED screen’ flying in the night sky. It is even possible to display QR codes, which the public can then scan. A show lasts a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes. Any drone can emit any color you can think of.

Each drone show consists of more than 1,000 EHang drones that can be operated by just one person with one computer. According to EHang, for safety reasons, the drones are equipped with RTK GPS for accurate positioning and geofencing can ensure that the drones cannot move out of the operational volume. Drone Pixel can also take care of the application for the permit to perform a show.

What do you think of drone light shows? Do you think they will replace traditional fireworks or do you feel that you’re on light shows and actually be a nice addition to traditional fireworks? Let us know what you think in the comments below. We are curious to hear your thoughts.

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This article first appeared on Dronewatch and is written by Wiebe de Jager who is also a DroneXL contributor.

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