Robotdrone LEO can walk and skateboard in addition to flying

Robotdrone Leo Can Walk And Skateboard In Addition To Flying

When you combine a walking robot with a drone, what do you get? The outcome is LEO, an abbreviation for LEONARDO, which stands for LEgs ONboard. Robotdrone LEO can walk, skateboard, and even tightrope walk in addition to flying. The creators’ aim is to develop a multi-deployable robot drone that can be utilized for a variety of activities, such as delivering products to difficult-to-reach...

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Take the handcuffs off. Let us fly drones, says Fire Chief Schapelhouman

Take The Handcuffs Off. Let Us Fly Drones, Says Fire Chief Schapelhouman

California Fire Departments are increasingly turning to Silicon Valley technology, such as drones, satellite images, and artificial intelligence to more effectively fight bigger blazes. In a recent article, Fire Chief Harold Schapelhouman of the Menlo Park District said “Take the handcuffs off,” he said. “Let us fly [drones].”

How to get legal ‘drone shots’ in no-fly zones

How To Get Legal Drone Shots In No-Fly Zones

As a drone pilot, you are confronted with no-fly zones at more and more tourist hotspots. Take the Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco for example. The bridge just begs for aerial images, but for safety reasons and the surrounding national park, drones are not allowed near the bridge. Videomaker Karen X. Cheng has found a creative solution: with the help of a small 360º camera and some...