Walmart Expands Drone Delivery To 4 Million New Homes

Walmart expands drone delivery to 4 million new homes

American supermarket chain Walmart is expanding its drone delivery service to reach four million new households in six states (really?). Together with its partner, DroneUp, Walmart expects to make more than a million drone deliveries per year. The cost to…

Watch: Drone Films Tornado From Very Close Up

Watch: drone films tornado from very close up

You have people who flee when a tornado approaches, and you have people who launch their drones to film it up close. Storm chaser Reed Timmer is clearly in that second category. He recently captured from the sky how a…

Dji Drones Banned For Use By Government Agencies In Florida

DJI drones banned for use by government agencies in Florida

It seems that Skydio’s aggressive lobbying is working in favor of the so-called Blue sUAS manufacturers as DJI drones have been banned for use and acquisition by government agencies in Florida. DJI drones banned for use by government agencies in…

Thermal Drone Reveals Ancestral Wichita Site In Kansas

Thermal drone reveals ancestral Wichita site in Kansas

A Thermal Drone reveals an [mks_highlight color=”#ffff00″]ancestral Wichita site in Kansas[/mks_highlight] and showcases how drone technology can be used to discover archaeological structures under the soil.