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Dji Opens New Headquarters: Dji Sky City Innovation Hub

New DJI headquarters are called DJI Sky City Innovation Hub

Today, the world’s largest drone maker announced that the new DJI headquarters have officially been opened. The two connected towers are called the DJI Sky City Innovation Hub. In line with the drone maker’s mission to create a creative community…

Mediamarkt Makes Dji Drones Available Again After Drone Maker'S Statement

MediaMarkt makes DJI drones available again (+update)

The full range of DJI drones and accessories is available again in stores, on the MediaMarkt website, and at The retailers decided to remove DJI’s products from the shelves in late March after the Chinese drone maker was accused…

Dji Helps The Russians In Their Attacks Ukraine Government Says

DJI helps the Russians in their attacks Ukraine Government says

According to a report from the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, the world’s largest drone maker, DJI helps the Russians in their attacks. The WSJ had a very interesting article about how the Ukraine government…

Dji Maintains Close Ties To Chinese Government New Documents Show

DJI maintains close ties to Chinese government new documents show

The Washington Post just reported that Chinese drone maker DJI maintains close ties to the Chinese government and received state funding, despite repeated claims to the contrary. DJI, the world’s largest drone manufacturer has always denied that it had received…

About The Dji Reorganization And Firings In The U.s.

DJI to be added to investment and export blacklists

The Financial Times reported that Chinese drone maker DJI will be added to the investment and export blacklists this week. In total eight Chinese companies will be added to the list on Thursday by the U.S. Commerce Department.

Dji Commercial Drone Market Share Falls Dramatically In 2021

DJI commercial drone market share falls dramatically in 2021

In 2021, DJI’s worldwide market share in professional drone sales to corporate users has dropped considerably. The newest edition of DroneAnalyst’s Drone Market Sector Report 2021 demonstrates this. DJI still accounted for 70% of professional drone sales in 2020. In…