MediaMarkt makes DJI drones available again (+update)

The full range of drones and accessories is available again in stores, on the MediaMarkt website, and at The retailers decided to remove DJI’s products from the shelves in late March after the Chinese drone maker was accused of taking sides in the Russia-Ukraine War. DJI then published an extensive statement to deny that.

Sales stop on DJI drones

The German MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group decided at the end of March to end the sale of DJI products in the MediaMarkt and Saturn stores. As the reason, the retailer cited persistent rumors on Twitter that DJI would continue to supply drones to , despite an earlier call from Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov to stop doing so. The products of DJI also disappeared from the range at

Immediately after the ban was imposed, DJI responded with a statement, in which the company distanced itself from those accusations. A few days ago, the Chinese drone manufacturer released a new statement, in which the company takes an even clearer stance against the use of DJI products for military purposes:

  • DJI does not market or sell its products for military use.
  • DJI does not provide after-sales service for products identified as being used for military purposes.
  • DJI unequivocally opposes any attempt to attach weapons to our products.
  • DJI refuses to make changes or permit modifications that would allow our products for military use.

In addition, DJI asks business partners and resellers to also commit to this policy:

“Our distributors, dealers and other business partners are committed to following this policy in the sale and use of our products. You agree not to sell DJI products to customers who clearly intend to use them for military purposes, or to assist in customizing our products for military purposes, and you understand that we will maintain our relationship with them if they do not abide by this obligation.”

Assortment of DJI drones back online

All DJI products are now available again via MediaMarkt and DJI has, however, announced that it will temporarily no longer conduct business activities in and Russia.

Update 28/4: An earlier version of this article stated that DJI’s statement was the reason for MediaMarkt to lift the sales freeze. That was incorrect: already on April 7, the retailer decided to start selling DJI items again.

Mediamarkt Makes Dji Drones Available Again After Drone Maker'S Statement
Mediamarkt Makes Dji Drones Available Again (+Update) 1

This article first appeared on Dronewatch and is written by Wiebe de Jager who is also a DroneXL contributor.

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