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Parrot expands partnership with Dronisos using the ANAFI platform

Parrot Expands Partnership With Dronisos Using The Anafi Platform

Parrot has been in the news recently for ending their consumer drone offering, going after DJI by saying that you can’t trust Chinese-made drones as part of their ANAFI USA marketing campaign, and for having their PR Firm push data security reports to the foreground that DJI says contain ‘inaccuracies and misleading statements.’ In the midst of all this, Parrot announces that...

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Parrot’s new Anafi announcement: “Do you trust DJI drones?”

Do You Trust Chinese Dji Drones Parrot Announcement

In a series of emails to media folks, the PR agency for the French drone maker Parrot has announced that they will be releasing a new drone on June 30th, 4 p.m. CEST. However, that is not what stood out most to me and many other people in the drone industry. Nope. What stood out most were the slogans asking us if we trust Chinese drones and more specifically DJI drones.

The Parrot ANAFI UA – The perfect drone for search and rescue operators?

The Parrot Anafi Ua - The Perfect Drone For Search And Rescue Operators?

Only a few days ago, we wrote about this tender from the department of the interior in France and how they are looking to purchase 651 drones. Part of the tender seemed to be specifically written for the Parrot ANAFI drone. Whereas another part of the document seemed written for a drone with a 30x zoom lens, which we (still) think is for the DJI Matrice 200/210. But then we learned about this...

Italian police with Anafi drone fine sunbather on deserted beach

Italian Police With Anafi Drone Fine Sunbather On Deserted Beach

Italian police used a Parrot Anafi drone to monitor the beaches in Rimini for people who defy the stay at home order. On a deserted stretch of beach, they found a sunbather who was illegally enjoying the beautiful weather. They spotted the man with a drone and in this video you can see how two police officers on quads approach him and issue a fine.

French government plans to buy 651 drones for surveillance purposes

French Government Plans To Buy 651 Drones For Surveillance Purposes

The French government plans to buy 651 drones for surveillance purposes, details of which are outlined in a tender worth almost €4M ($4.3M USD). The tender, titled “Drones” was published on April 12th on the official bulletin of public procurement announcements. It comes from the Ministry of the Interior, via the Purchasing, Equipment and Logistics Service for Homeland Security.