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Drone Flying Over People Just Got Easier 2

Drone Flying Over People Just Got Easier

Flying drones over people has been a headache for many drone pilots due to strict FAA drone regulations. But, there’s some good news. The FAA is making it a bit easier to get approval for such operations, as Greg Reverdiau…

Skydio Joins Uas4Stem To Empower Youth Drone Pilots

Skydio joins UAS4STEM to empower youth drone pilots

Skydio, a leading US drone and software manufacturer, has joined the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Education program, UAS4STEM, to help empower young drone pilots and promote the use of drones in STEM education. The UAS4STEM program is a national…

Is The Consumer Drone Market Dying In 2023?

Is The Consumer Drone Market Dying in 2023?

 Is the consumer drone market dying? No, that is not clickbait because it’s actually what it feels like. I just got back from CES 2023, the Consumer Electronics Show, which I’ve actually renamed the Cool Electronics Show because most of…

What’s Going On, Guys? Billy Here. Yesterday, Skydio Finally Released Its Skydio Dock For Truly Remote Drone Operations.

Skydio Dock First Look – Powerful Remote Operations

What’s going on, guys? Billy here. Yesterday, Skydio finally released its Skydio Dock for truly remote drone operations. If you remember, Skydio initially unveiled their dock about two and a half years ago, and that initial prototype was a tiny…

Skydio Dock Launched For Remote Drone Operations 4

Skydio Dock launched for Remote Drone Operations

Today, Skydio launched its new Skydio Dock, specifically for remote drone operations. The California-based drone manufacturer says that the Skydio Dock lives on-site so that you don’t have to! The Skydio Dock comes in two versions, the 72-pound Skydio Dock…

Skydio Makes Its Symforce Framework Open-Source

Skydio makes its Symforce framework open-source

US-based drone maker Skydio developed SymForce, a framework for writing algorithms for drones and other robots. The company announced that it will release SymForce as an open-source project to help accelerate innovation across robotics. Skydio says it has learned a…