Volocopter air-taxi added to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Volocopter Air-Taxi Added To Microsoft Flight Simulator

Always wanted to drive a drone taxi? Soon you will be able to do that in Have you always wanted to learn to fly an eVTOL drone taxi? Then make sure you have access to Microsoft Flight Simulator. In November, in collaboration with Volocopter, an update will be available that, among other things, adds the two-person drone taxi VoloCity as a device with which you can choose the airspace. With the...

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German emergency response organization orders Volocopter air ambulances

German Emergency Response Organization Orders Volocopter Air Ambulances

The German emergency response organization ADAC Luftrettung has placed an order for two electrically powered VoloCity air taxis with Volocopter. These are two-person aircraft that can take off and land vertically, just like a helicopter or drone. The first test flights are planned for 2023. The air ambulances are expected to be operational from 2025 onwards.

Volocopter to start electric air taxi service in Singapore

Volocopter To Start Electric Air Taxi Service In Singapore

The German company Volocopter will operate an electric air taxi service in the Asian city of Singapore. To this end, a partnership has been entered into with the Economic Development Board of Singapore (EDB) and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). The goal is to get the taxi service off the ground within three years. In addition to tourist flights, there will also be connections to...