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European member states agree on introduction new drone airspace class

European Member States Agree On Introduction New Drone Airspace Class

The European member states and various aviation organizations such as EASA and Eurocontrol have reached an agreement on the legal basis under U-space, the system of protocols, technologies, and rules that should ensure further integration of drones in the airspace in the future. The starting point is that U-space will become a new drone airspace class, which may have far-reaching consequences.

EASA clears the way for parcel transport by drone

Easa Clears The Way For Parcel Transport By Drone

The European Aviation Safety Agency EASA has published new rules and guidelines for drones transporting goods over urban areas. Inspection flights over greater distances from, for example, high-voltage lines and pipelines are also within reach. With the new rules, EASA wants to guarantee the safety of such drone operations and address concerns among citizens.